Chocolate Snowflakes


Hi there! It’s me again, Haley. It is definitely not winter time here in Arizona, so I wondered if it was appropriate to make cookies that make me miss winter so much. It has been 110 degrees for the past two weeks and I am so ready to head back up to college in Idaho. But, I am so glad I made these chocolate snowflake cookies because they are so AMAZING!! My sister, Annie, and I absolutely loved them and could not stop eating them! Hands down, my favorite cookie. So while I bake in this Arizona oven, I might as well enjoy some chocolate snowflakes.

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For the unsweetened chocolate, I used about half a bar or ¼ cup of Baker’s unsweetened chocolate. I melted the chocolate in the pan on the stove with some canola oil. (My grandma’s original recipe called for salad oil, which I had never heard of, but I did a little research and decided that Canola oil was probably what she meant.) I poured that mixture into my kitchen mixer and added all of the ingredients.

 I left the mixture for about 2 hours and waited till the mixture was nice and firm. I did make the balls of dough larger than walnuts because I did not want to be up all night baking tiny cookies! I rolled them in powdered sugar and put them on an ungreased baking sheet. I baked the cookies for 8 minutes because I did not want them to over bake and I like my cookies to be a little bit underbaked.

After I removed them from the oven, they tasted like a cross between chocolate cake and brownies.  Adding the Powdered Sugar made it a unique look and taste. I can definitely tell from the design that the cookies resemble snowflakes and make a great winter dessert!